How to start a digital business

Do you know how to start a digital business? Currently, this is one of the most promising areas due to the increasing advancement of technology and the consolidation of the internet as a business environment.

What is a digital business?

The web revolution is here to stay, so we all live in an increasingly connected society. Therefore, it is natural that this digitalization process also affects consumption models.

In this sense, digital business is a type of activity that, using technology, develops and sells products and provides services for the consumer market.

When we talk about a digital business, it can either be a company that was born completely digital or a traditional company that sought to adapt to this market. In both cases, operation via the internet is an important factor.

Why are more people interested in opening digital businesses?

The wide range of possibilities and the expansion of digital marketing are some factors that explain why more and more people are looking to undertake business via the internet.

Some portals have a very extensive list of vacancies for digital marketing, proving once again the market’s need for this.

Another positive factor is that the barrier to entry is much lower than opening a physical business, and there are other facilities, such as being able to work directly from home.

Choose a market segment

The first step before opening a digital business is to define which niche you want to operate in. This is very important in this environment because there is a lot of competition in every product or service offering.

So, having a priority focus or favoring an area in which you already have some expertise are decisive factors in leveraging the brand in this market.

Understand the demand

After choosing your segment or niche, it is essential to analyze whether the product or service you intend to offer has sufficient demand. After all, it is more effective to serve a market where the audience is broad.

Therefore, take a good look at the size of the segment’s demand and its growth trend to make sure it is worth investing in.

Step by step to develop a digital business

Each and every successful digital business has occurred, in part, based on strategies and investment in digital marketing.

It is essential to understand at this point that digital marketing is the way of advertising products and services online.

Thus, it is a segment that already contains specificities specific to digital demands, different from traditional marketing.

Even before researching your business segment, it is interesting to study digital marketing. This is an essential pillar for your business to gain visibility and attract potential customers.

Fundamentals to get started in digital marketing

To develop a good digital marketing strategy, you need to understand who your target audience is and what their main pain points are.

It is also necessary to observe what language they use, which social networks they are most present on and what motivates them to find solutions to their problems.

Just to start, digital marketing is a very broad topic that allows you to create very personalized strategies.

Create an MVP for your digital business

The acronym MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product and is a very common term in the world of business and entrepreneurship . Basically, it means testing your business in a simple way before investing significantly.

It is possible to carry out these texts by creating free pages, such as landing pages on Wix and WordPress.

The analysis of test results must be done in depth to check what worked or not and then invest in a complete platform.

Advantages of e-commerce

Some of the advantages of e-commerce are that you have a store open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, with the right strategies, you are always attracting new interested people.

At the same time, to avoid problems, it is important to invest in a secure platform with excellent navigability and layout. Having a good logistics process and a constant and direct relationship with customers are other factors that help to be successful.


Among the current types of e-commerce, one of the ones that grew the most was dropshipping sites.

In this digital business model, the seller works with imported products (which can be niche, or with a variety of them) based on constant orders or on demand, but without the need to have their own stock.

The growth of online retail giants from China and Southeast Asia is directly related to dropshipping, as the majority of imported products originate from these countries.

To help you with the process, you can learn about dropshipping through YouTube channels and websites dedicated to the topic, even from other entrepreneurs who work in this segment.

Currently, many people who start their digital business do so through the dropshipping model . This is because in this technique the object or stock is the responsibility of the supplier. Therefore, online retailers do not need to worry about logistics.

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